Sindo Goes To STEI Tazkia
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Sindo Goes To Campus visit  STEI Tazkia, Sentul City, Bogor. The event is held in cooperation BEM STEI Tazkia and Sindo was held in the Hall of Al-Ahambra Andalusia. On that occasion the team of Sindo give a seminar on journalism to students are present.

The event, titled "Happ To Be Journalist" is filled by the Deputy Chief Editor Sindo Magazine, Djaka Susila and Chief Editor of MNC News, Herik Kurniawan. Both speakers gave tips and an overview of the life of a journalist or also commonly called reporters, Tuesday (19/40/2016).

Djaka explains the basic capital must a journalist is mental and total. "If you measure the work as a journalist with the money, you will not be satisfied. A journalist must work with totality. Privacy should be ready usurped by working hours, must be prepared 24 hours. "

"A good writer is a good reader. Because a journalist is required to work with creative, innovative and dynamic, "said Djaka.

Djaka said, covering the world of journalism the same as playing. Take advantage of all the senses as possible. Use of hearing, seeing, feeling power even if necessary to be kissed, and translate into writing.

"When we can explore ‘why and how’ in a deeper and deeper coverage, the news that we make will be even closer to objectivity. There must be verification and kopherenshif first. Take a look at the phenomenon from all sides, "said Djaka

In line with Djaka, Herik Kurniawan explained that a journalist is a messenger must be true. He also explained the advantages compared to other community journalists "they have a very broad access to information. In one day, they could be in different places," he said.

“There may be a paper will be spread evenly, when no journalist working in it," said Herik complementary.

The world of journalism today, said Herik, it is not experiencing problems. Nowadays this is no dilemma between journalism versus medsos. The crowd trapped by information from medsos. Herik likens the phenomenon as a doctor vs shaman. Science journalism plays a role as a doctor and vice versa.

When asked about the truth of a media indicator, Herik said that in truth the media, we should make a comparison of some of the media to be more wise to look at the news.

It is also delivered by Djaka, "be your own editor for. No media was a hundred percent. There must be intervention in writing, the most likely of the writers themselves,” he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Student Affairs STEI Tazkia, Fakhrudin event rate Sindo Goes to Campus is very nice and educational for students. He hopes this activity will make students more intelligent in the news for consumption

"Journalists play an important role in society. Students Tazkia not have to work in a bank. Moreover, we will be there fore campus Prodi Communications and Broadcasting Islam. This event is very appropriate. Students must be diligent in the world of writing, including journalism," said Fakhrudin. (PR)

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