Halal Economic Prospects for Indonesia
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BOGOR (04/10/2016) - The Islamic Economics Study Group STEI Tazkia held a national seminar titled; Halal Industry Outlook in 2016, Halal Industry Outlook for Indonesia. As a speaker, the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Dr H Nirwandar and economic expert and author of the novel sharia Islamic Economics, Dr Hendri Tanjung. The seminar takes place at the Campus STEI Tazkia, Sentul City, Bogor

 Sapta said that if the economy halal is a segment that has not worked optimally by Muslims themselves. Though halal product has become a world brand

"Life style has now become the world trand. if we miss it, we will only be a market for others. The number of Muslims in the world is 1.7 billion. If one of my people who eat one egg per day, then there have been countless eggs required. That´s halal market needs," says chairman alumni association of Unpad.

He continued that halal products have started ogled by the world. In the past few halal products affect the world market but now it was significant. Sapta illustrates the potential of the halal market through the use of hijab by women.

"If there are 800 students on this campus, and they use 1 hijab every day. Within a week say they need to wear the hijab 5 college. This means that there will be need for the veil 4000," said Sapta.

Middle-aged men who had served as chairman of the French PPI revealed that Indonesia ranked last out of ten 10 countries surveyed regarding the potential utilization of halal. Inversely proportional to Malaysia is ranked first in terms of the cultivation of the halal economy.

The indicator is used as the assessment of food, halal tourism, insurance, finance, cosmetics, travel, education, media, recreation, medical care, culture and art of pharmacy.

"Halal is already a business orientation. It can be seen from the annual event held by neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Thailand are already routinely perform Halal Expo. While Indonesia is the first time will hold a halal expo in 2016," said Sapta.

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