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212 peaceful actions the momentum of rise of the ummah. Starting from the defense of al-Quran, spirit 212 have now been extended to the economic spectrum. There is a strong desire to make the Muslims as a people independent from the economic side. Various people in various areas trying to create economic units, ranging from cooperatives, financial institutions, also minimarket that is labeled 212.

Unfortunately, the spirit and the initiative is moving partially and respectively. Uncoordinated (read: centralized) neatly. If this is allowed, then the potential of such a large community can not be maximized properly. "Centralization of economic movement 212 is important to realize that the larger maslahah" said Antonio, chairman of STEI Tazkia. He says that this 212 economic movement must be managed properly; centralized, trsanparan, accountable and professional. The spirit of Islam 212 arts action should not stop only on motion only, but its spirit must be supplied to the collective movements of Muslims.

212 sharia cooperative idea itself started from a burst of ideas Eka Gumelar in social media is addressed directly by the public so that a real movement on the basis of community awareness for the common welfare.

Alhamdulillah, the initiative to build the economy in congregation has found its momentum. Hopefully on Friday, January 6, 2017, will be implemented sharia launching 212 primary cooperatives as an investment holding company which will move the whole of the economic potential of the people.

Luanching 212 sharia cooperatives will be attended by scholars, leaders and elements of the Islamic movement action last 212 includes exponents National Movement Guards Fatwa (GNPF) MUI.

1. K.H Ma´ruf Amin (MUI)

2. Rizieq (Chairman of the Board of Trustees GNPFMUI)

3. Prof. Didin Hafidhuddin (Wk Chairman of the Advisory MUI)

4. Ust. Bachtiar Nasir (Chairman GNPFMUI)

5. K.H Abdullah Gymnastiar (AA Gym)

6. Ust. Arifin Ilham

7. Dr. Muhammad Syafii Antonio, Economist and Economic Council of Sharia MUI

In this case, STEI Tazkia as the pioneer of Islamic Economics campus seeks to contribute their best in supporting this movement. Launching Sharia Cooperative movement 212 (Investment Holding) Plus Gallery is insyaAllah 212 Protest Day held Friday, January 6, 2017 pkl. 9:00. Ballroom Al Hambra STEI Tazkia Campus Complex. (Nsh)

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