Earthquake in Aceh, Tazkia Students Make Fundraising for the Victims
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The earthquake occurred on Wednesday (7/12) has been devastated Aceh. Hundreds of people died, dozens of homes and public facilities damaged .

Seeing that, the students of STEI Tazkia, Sentul City, Bogor consisting of BEM Rema members, Impust and Tazkia Aceh Students Association do the fundraising that aims to ease the burden of the victims were affected in Aceh by doing charity in Tugu Kujang monument area on Sunday (12/12).

The fundraising started from 14.00 until 17.00. The funds collected Rp. 7.001 million. These funds will be submitted directly to the earthquake victims through Baitul Mal Tazkia. As for the earthquake victims of Pidie Jaya data is continually updated from day to day by the Main Command Post of Aceh 6.4 SR Earthquake Emergency Response. Data last updated on Monday (12/12/2016).

Henny Nurmayani, through the Data Coordinating Center (Pusdatin) Aceh Disaster Management Agency (BPBA), to Go Aceh, Tuesday (13/12/2016), from the Post led by the Vice Regent of Pidie Jaya Said Mulyadi, said that the data until December 12th shows victim died as many as 96 people.

While the 89 people have been identified and others have not been identified. In Bireuen district, victims died two people have been identified and four people died in  Pidie district. The total victims died are 102 people.

While the number of refugees in Pidie Jaya until December 12 are 82.122 people, 1.716 people in Bireuen and 1.295 people in Pidie

"For data damaged houses, 6.361 houses in Pidie Jaya, 171 houses in Bireuen and 18 houses in Pidie," Henny Nurmayani said. (Bem)

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