Creative Economy Based on Majelis Taklim
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The Indonesian Ulema Council (Majelis Ulama Indonesia) and Zakat Channel Unit (Unit Penyalur Zakat) in district Cibinong cooperate with the local government held a Workshop on "Empowerment the Potential of Creative Economy Based on Majelis Taklim" on Wednesday (28/09/2016), which held in the auditorium of the Religious Affairs Office in Cibinong District

Participants who attended were workers of UPZ, MUI and Religion Counselor Non-Civil Servant in district Cibinong. The first guest speaker is Anita Elvi Afandi, post graduate student of STEI Tazkia, who talked about the Creative Economic Empowerment based on Majelis Taklim (MT).

The discussion begins with the potential of MT in Bogor Regency quantitatively amounted to about 10 thousand. If this is professionally managed with regard to the solid management, teachers/ lecturers who have the competence and sensitive to the times,the recruitment of productive age members, appropriate curriculum requirements, financial endurance, good administration, and a planned program, the MT can play its role not only as a silaturrahmi and dakwah, but also to become media internalization of Islamic values in society economic empowerment.

Elvi shared her experience in pioneering business with providing free fashion courses to the representatives of MT. The result can be felt a year later, participants can gain additional income from the skills. Some of them even have a business by making uniforms for pre-school children.

She also presents about a concern for the management of zakat funds (in the context of Bogor Regency) which has not touched the creative economy yet. According to Elvi, this is not only a problem of trust to the Organization of Zakat Distributors (Organisasi Penyalur Zakat), but also a matter of understanding the urgency of zakat itself as an instrument to alleviate poverty issues that have a positive impact at the micro level and macro level that have not been really realized by the communities.

Society, even OPZ still seems more pleased with the show inviting so many orphans/needy/poor by giving gifts that are consumptive.

 "It´s ma´ruf to do, but let this be Sadaqah sunnah, and not for zakat. Why? Because it does not touch the essence of zakat purposes. For example, this year he is poor, next year he is likely to remain poor, and so on. It´s just a momentary of the hunger distraction." Elvi said. Eventually, the paradigm of zakat management must be improved. The promotive attempts for zakat to be redeemable at official institutions must continue to be encouraged.

Basically the material presented by Elvi aims at image building on the importance of economic empowerment of society through zakat, and Majelis Taklim could be the right partner in targeting the mustahik to be empowered; by giving the enlightenment, mentoring, coaching, monitoring - because through MT, it is more effective and efficient in doing it all. MT meetings tend to be regular and periodic, with the goal of a more basic guarding for mustahik to be muzakki.The second speaker was Dr. TantanHermansyah, Lecturer UIN Jakarta. He shared the experience of Waste Bank established defensively, but yielded encouraging results.

The surrounding community became concerned of garbage, care for the environment, and is familiar with each other and be able to enjoy the results financially. He just needs to cooperate with the garbage collectors and mobilize the community around his home to separate and select each garbage. Once a week, it is deposited in the bank to be cashed in savings. Once a year the savings can be disbursed.

At the beginning, people reject to this activity. But now, it becomes a kind of entertainment, even a high-class people who drive the Honda Jazz do not hesitate to deposit their trash in this unique Bank. Certain garbage is creatively transformed into bags, wallets, clothes, vases and others which are worth quite promising. Unfortunately, on this occasion, he did not describe the process from upstream to downstream.When asked about it, he offers the training in the future. (Evi)

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