Student Activities

Students Organisations

All organisations in the name of STEI Tazkia students have to be registered under a students’ activity unit (unit kegiatan mahasiswa – UKM). There are many established students’ activity units, which are:

  • STEI Tazkia Students’ Republic (Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa – BEM REMA). BEM REMA is an intra-campus students’ organisation which aims to accommodate and forward to the management aspirations of the student body of STEI Tazkia, as well as to represent the student body in relevant communities. BEM REMA is the largest organisation in the campus and serves as the patron of other UKMs.

The structure of BEM REMA as of 2015 is as follows:
President Muhammad Fatih Al Aziz
Vice-President Reza Arzaki
First Secretary Nursalsabila
Second Secretary Salman Al Farisi
Treasurer Vidya

  • Sharia Management Students’ Union (Himpunan Mahasiswa Manajemen Syariah – HIMMAH). HIMMAH is an organisation for the students of Islamic Business and Management department. HIMMAH organises all student activities in the department.
  • Sharia Accounting Students’ Union (Himpunan Mahasiswa Akuntansi Syariah – HAMAS). HAMAS is an organisation for the students of Islamic Accounting department. HAMAS organises all student activities in the department.
  • Sharia Economics Students’ Union (Himpunan Mahasiswa Ekonomi Syariah – SMART). SMART is an organisation for the students of Islamic Economics department. SMART organises all student activities in the department.
  • Pioneers of Sharia Economics Movement (Pelopor Gerakan Ekonomi Syariah – Progres). Progres is an Islamic economics study and research forum which is aims to contribute to Islamic economics through deeper understanding. Progres is also a prominent students-led Islamic economics study and research forum in Indonesia, winning numerous national and regional competitions.
  •  Progres, a cross-discipline research forum in developing understanding of Islamic economics from academic and practical vantage point.
  • LDK Iqtishoduna, Campus Da’wa Organisation (Lembaga Dakwah Kampus – LDK), an organisation concerning implementation of spiritual and religious aspects of Islam within the campus environment.
  • Mark-Biz, professional organisation for students interested in marketing and entrepreneurship.
  • Zakat Collection Unit (Unit Pengumpul Zakat – UPZ), which manages zakat fund to better develop community.
  • Various students’ activity units (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa –UKM). STEI Tazkia has sporting units such as association football, badminton, basketball, table tennis, and others. In addition, STEI Tazkia has artistic units such as photography, theatre, and music. Other units have various focuses, including, charity, mountaineering, environmentalism, and language learning.

Students’ Activities

The student body of STEI Tazkia has organised various activities on national or regional scale. Such as:

  • Days of Islamic Economics Revival – Dinar. Dinar is a sharia economics festival which entails national seminars, bazaars, and various student competitions regarding sharia economics.
  • Students Social Responsibilities – SSR. SSR is a service to the community that is held on regular and incidental basis.
  • Madrasa for Orphans and the Underprivileged (Madrasah Anak Yatim & Dhuafa – MAYD).
  • Skill training and seminars, held regularly in Al Hambra multifunction hall on subjects such as leadership, entrepreneurship, student journalism, research, etc.

Our Service to Students

We view our students as a valuable and precious asset of STEI Tazkia. Therefore, the management is committed to give the best service to the student body in academic and non-academic matters. Our service in academic matters takes form in academic assistance for subjects deemed difficult for students, such as mathematics, statistics, econometrics, etc. Furthermore, departments also offer programmed academic guidance outside of scheduled class. Departments assign up to 15 students to a teacher, which will serve as their academic counsellor. The academic counsellor is responsible to give students guidance and help them navigate through their academic life in STEI Tazkia. Each counsellor supervises the progress of their students and documents it. Private counselling will also be held by academic counsellor if need be. Private counselling aims to overcome various problems faced by students. The objective of this counselling programme is to improve students’ motivation in academic as well as non-academic matters.