Symbolism of Logo

The logo of STEI Tazkia is a based on the shape of a diamond which reflects the our ideal economic state, where the vast majority of populace fills the middle class, led by a few affluent class, and only a small portion of underprivileged class.

The diamond shape comprises of two Arabic letters of ta (ت). The first ta represents growth based on purity. The second ta represents tarbiya, the process of development quality generation in order to fortify the implementation of Islamic economics system which epitomises the solution to achieve the ideal economic state.

The deep blue colour reflects intelligence, stability, Islamic solidarity (ukhuwa) as well as steadfast integrity.

The corporate culture of STEI Tazkia is summarised the acronym of Tazkia itself:

T         Tauhid, there is no god but Allah

A         Amanah, trustworthiness

Z         Zero defects and quality-oriented

K         Knowledge-based and competence-oriented

I          Innovation-oriented and Istiqamah-based

A         Achievement through teamwork