Become an excellent Islamic Economics Department at regional level in learning and education process, whilst promote research and empowerment which integrates economics with Islamic values and ethics


  • Produce graduates of Islamic Economics with knowledge and integrity
  • Conduct learning and education processthat covers comprehensive disciplines of economics
  • Promote Islamization of knowledge particularly in economics field
  • Conduct research and empowerment programs in order to develop and implement Islamic Economics
  • Promote Islamic Economics as an excellent degree Program at regional level through various publications


The goals of the Islamic Economics Department are to produce:

  • Graduates who are professional in the field of Islamic Economics both theories and practices
  • Academicians/researchers who able to analize new products of Islamic banking & finance using shariah perspective
  • Graduates who are committed to apply Islamic values in their working environment
  • Graduates who play active role in community development and empowerment


1. Development Economics

2. Islamic Finance & Monetary Economics

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4