What makes us special

What makes us special

  1. First year students live in matriculation campus in Dramaga which offers boarding accommodation to provide intensive learning in aqida, the Arabic language as well as the English language. The matriculation campus also provides supports for students working on their theses as well as preparation for entering the work force.
  2. STEI Tazkia is the first higher education institution to receive ISO 9001/2008 for excellence in management system and educational system, awarded, respectively, ‘good’ and ‘very good’. Acknowledged by the Ministry of Education and Culture as well as the Ministry of Religious Affairs.
  3. Based on the curricula of Al Azhar University of Cairo and International Islamic University of Malaysia.
  4. Team of accomplished lecturers on Islamic banking and Islamic economics led directly by Dr. Muhammad Syafii Antonio, M.Ec., a world-renowned expert of Islamic economics.
  5. Seamless synergy with businesses, educational institutions, local governments, sharia financial institutions as well as international Islamic economics institution.
  6. Cooperation in curriculum standardisation with International Islamic University of Malaysia which has produced accomplished graduates in the field of Islamic Economics.
  7. Internship and on the job training in corporations as well as financial institutions.
  8. Scholarship on merit from various financial institutions with the opportunity of contracts upon graduation.
  9. Boarding accommodation for first year and fourth year students to ensure that students graduate on time.
  10. Mini bank laboratory and stock exchange corner to give students hands-on experience in real-world financial activities.
  11. Integration of knowledge of Sharia and economics.
  12. Availability of scholarship for overachieving students
  13. International exchange programmes and double degree programme in partnership with internationally-renowned university