Boarding Programme for The First and Last Year

To accomplish the vision, mission and objective stated, the learning process takes place in a clear and comprehensive steps:

  1. Selective admission, which entails Academic Potential Tests, Smart Test and/or documents-based selection.
  2. Matriculation boarding programme.
  3. Academic programme (midterm exams, final exams, internship, dissertation and comprehensive examination)
  4.  Final assignment boarding programme.
  5. Alumni labour market.

1st and 2nd Semester

Besides our demand-oriented departments, we also have matriculation programme in order to better prepare new students for further academic and spiritual rigour, which includes:

  1. Intensive language training in Arabic and English, which entails training in verbal communication as well as written. Most lectures are delivered in Arabic and/or English.
  2. Conducive learning activity divided into two semesters, with subjects such as Principles of Economics, Principles of Accounting, Mathematics of Economics, Principles of Muammalah, Islamic Studies, or Quran and Hadith Studies.
  3. Supportive spiritual counselling in regards to worship (amaliyyah ibadah) as well as extracurricular character building programme which entails sholat jamaah, recitation and memorisation of Al Quran, public speaking training, seminars, sporting activities, etc.

3rd to 7th Semester

After graduation from matriculation programme, students will no longer be required to live in boarding house. By this phase, students are expected to be more independent and responsible.
At the beginning third semester, students elect to enroll in one of our departments as well as further concentration. The available departments are as follows:

  1. Islamic Business and Management
  2. Islamic Economics
  3. Islamic Accounting
  4. Muamalah

Up until the seventh semester, in each semester students must follow the scheduled lectures and relevant learning activities punctuated by mid-term examinations and leading up to final examinations.

8th Semester and Graduation

In their final semester in STEI Tazkia, students prepare for their internship which usually lasts about 3 months, followed by writing their thesis. A month before their thesis defence, 8th semester students go through boarding programme to provide them the much needed supportive environment.
Thesis defence is held in two phases, first is comprehensive thesis defence and comprehensive thesis defence presided by internal and external examiner. As a prerequisite, students have to be certified to have memorised the 30th Juz of Al Quran (juz ‘Amma) .
After students have completed the process, senate of STEI Tazkia will verify the names of would-be graduates before the graduation ceremony takes place.