Bases of Our Curriculum

Existence of sharia financial institutions, such as banks, insurance, investment fund, venture capital, leasing company as well as sharia microfinance institutions, is a result of Islamic religious obligations (faridhah), and likewise, as necessity (dharurah) demand from the industry and market.

However, the development of sharia financial institution and business has not been supported by availability of human resource suitable for management, practice or pursuit of knowledge which can consistently analyse, implement and develop Islamic economics.
This is an inevitable result of dichotomy in our education programme which fails to integrate economics, business, and finance in one hand, with sharia discourse and applied muamalah on the other.
To overcome the aforementioned shortage of human resource, Yayasan Taskia Cendekia, in the academic year 2001/2002, in accordance to SK. Ditjenbagais Nomor: DJ.II/548/2003 established Sekolah Tinggi Ekonomi Islam Tazkia (STEI Tazkia) which offers bachelor degrees in three courses:

  1. Islamic Business and Management
  2. Islamic Economics
  3. Islamic Accounting and Finance

To ensure that the curriculum in use is up to the prevailing international standards, STEI Tazkia built partnership with Al Azhar University of Cairo, International Islamic University of Islamabad, and International Islamic University of Malaysia who had set a precedent in teaching discipline that integrate scientific rigour and Quranic values. Naturally, besides the international standards, STEI Tazkia also refers to the rules put forth by Indonesian Ministry of Education.